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Tim peterson is the Owner and CEO of Aspen Lawn Care and has been the chief landscaper since 2012.

As the owner and CEO of Aspen Lawn Care, Tim is the guiding force of the company, acting as its visionary leader. With over 30 years of expertise in the lawn care industry, you can trust that he will give your landscaping precise care with a professional touch.

"I have been using Aspen Lawn Care for years and Tim does a fantastic job with my lawn, every time. I have never been disappointed!"
About Tim

With over 30 years of expertise, Tim is the ideal professional to ensure your lawn and landscape remain in pristine condition. He goes beyond what's expected with his licensed and insured services that guarantee extra protection for your home or business. Not only does he have a strong work ethic & use problem-solving skills - but he also has an eye for detail which can enhance any given project! His customers are consistently satisfied due to his superior craftsmanship along with versatility when adaptation is needed; you'll be left marveling at the end result because Tim always makes sure it gets done right!